Terra Guitars Links

0xD media.design.development
    This website was built on an OR database architecture that Frank Pelliccio wrote called bitDB...This is Frank's software development company's website - 0xD.com.

Adrian Fischer
    Meet my friend Adrian. Singer, songwriter, musician, recording engineer, producer and fine human being.

Alternate Tunings
    Here's a list of alternate guitar tunings. No frills, no theory just a very simple list.

Alternate Tunings - Yet Another Site

CAE Sound
     CAE is now manufacturing a new line of guitar preamps that mount right inside your guitar. These preamps enhance the sound quality of your pickups, especially when using stomp box effects or long cables, by buffering the guitar signal before it comes out of your guitar. Available models include the CB1, CB2, and Jangletone. All three bring back the lost tone gobbled up by your effects.

Echo Greywolf
    Echo Greywolf is a fine fingerstyle guitarist who plays a number of interesting guitars including a harp guitar. His CD's of original songs are mesmerizing.

Great Player
    Mike McMann is an incredibly versatile guitarist. Don't miss his site - as a matter of fact don't miss his show.

Larry Robinson, Inlay Artist
    Larry Robinson is a world renowned inlay artist. You must check out his site and the work he has done. Keep in mind that we can have Larry personalize a guitar for you with his amazing inlay work.

More Tips On Guitar Tunings
    This is a decent site for more general information on guitar tunings and tuning your guitar(s).

Read About Rick Turner at Wikipedia
    Read more about the genius behind Turner / Renassaince / Compass Rose Guitars.

Rhyming Dictionary
    If you're a song writer, here's a handy site. Just type in the word you are trying to rhyme with, and - Voila! - it's all laid out before you.

    We are always interested in giving exposure to our customers. Take a peek at the Snake Bones site! You'll also want to stay tuned for their new CD "Red Eyed Hound Cats".

Stacy Phillips
    Stacy is a Grammy award winning dobro player. Sometime in November, Stacy will be doing some sound bytes on a great new Trussart Steelphonic that just came in. Stay tuned!