March 2010

S Walker Santa Cruz

Looking forward to my next guitar from you. It's been a real pleasure!
Alan G
September 2009

As I purchase guitar products from different sellers, I do have to say that my recent purchase from you still stands out for me as one of the best (i.e. smoothest, best price and customer service) transactions I have ever had. The excellence in your customer service really puts your store at the top of my list of go to places. Thanks again Dave!

(feel free to quote that if you'd like...)
Angel C
November 2011

Scott Walker Special

Just wanted to let you know it arrived safely yesterday. Wow. That is a beautiful instrument.

Bob G.
October 2009

I received my order from you Tuesday (Acoustic Image Clarus2R, Raezer's Edge Stealth 12ER, Zaolla cables)! I am completely in awe at the sound of this combination! It is absolutely amazing! Thanks for your honesty, integrity, and generosity. This setup is everything you said it would be!
Bobby A
October 2008

Turner Model One

I have to say, I've never experienced customer service like this in my life. Thanks a lot.

David B
March 2012

Raezer's Edge Stealth ER12

The speaker is incredible! I am really happy with the sound.
David C
May 2010

Trussart Steelcaster

Great one on one service and what a great guitar! Having someone more
concerned about the condition and playability of the instrument than
the buyer is truly amazing. Thanks so much!!! Drew Aslett / Snake Bones.
December 2010

Received the Acoustic Image Clarus + today. All is fine and I'm very happy with it. I use a Raezer's Edge cabinet--the Stealth 12R-- with the Clarus. The Clarus/Raezer's cabinet combo is killer for archtops. I couldn't use anything else.

Thanks for the great service and fast delivery. Hope to do business again!

June 2009

Veillette Gryphon Hi Tuned 12 String

I'm happy that I discovered the Terra Guitars site. You have put together a collection of guitars made by luthiers who are not only cutting edge, but also interested in taking your ideas and specificaions to create guitars that go beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Guitars like these are not easily found anywhere: inspired instruments to inspire musicians. My new black Veillette Gryphon with the special neck inlay is wonderful and unique.

Henry Kaiser
March 2010

Giffin Standard Hollowbody

Hi David,

First my compliments for a very fine packaging job. Best I've seen and I've had more than a few guitars delivered.

Everything is fine with the guitar. As flawless as any I've seen.

Setup seems spot on and sounds great. All the controls perform as they
should. A bit brighter than expected I suppose, but that is a good thing.

The guitar is a masterpiece from my humble perspective and I'm very
appreciative for the opportunity to own such a finely crafted instrument.

Thank you for the great service and honest candor. It was a pleasure doing
business with you. Look forward to doing more in the near future.

Ken T
April 2011

Veillette Jazz 14

Just wanted to get back to you and let you know the guitar arrived safely. Thank you so much for your expert packing job! I absolutely love the guitar - definitely one of a kind!

Thank you for a very pleasant transaction. Take care!
Marc S.
December 2008

Giffin Standard

The guitar arrived in perfect condition. Flawless. I found immediate use for the boost. The Stellartone is interesting, it seems to help retain sparkle, while giving good tonal variations. I am extremely pleased with the instument and consider it to be an excellent value. It's tone is rich and vibrant and it's a beautiful guitar.
Mark H
January 2011

Trussart Steelcaster

It's here and I can't sleep! What a piece of instrument!!!! wowwww! BTW: nice packaging ; best I've seen!

I'm back from NYC ; just opened it; plugged it at very low volume (the whole house is alseep...) and amazing tone already; very jazzy, funky or twangy but with a distinct personality!!! What is special is the broad spectrum of inspiration it provokes... jazz, blues, funk, country, rock, slide... If feel it's all in one guitar

Thanks so much again!

Patrick M.

September 2009

I am an extremely happy customer and am looking forward to my next purchase.
Paul D

October 2009

Thanks for the great service. I do a good deal of performing and teaching on acoustic and electric bass. If I have the opportunity to turn people on to your shop I will.
Philip M
July 2012

Trussart Steel DeVille


I wanted to thank you yet again for the wonderful service your provided during the acquisition of my Trussart SteelDeville. It is a beautiful sounding and looking guitar. I appreciate the level of customer service your provided and the degree of interaction between Trussart and myself, as the guitar was being constructed to my specifications. You are a joy to work with and I will definitely seek to buy through you again in the future!
Rick S.
March 2012

Artinger Chambered Double Cutaway

Just thought I'd tell you I love the snakewood Artinger. I'll keep an eye on your site in case anything else irresistible pops up.
Sam C
September 2009

Trussart Steel DeVille

Got the guitar looks great and plays even better. Great set-up - this has the lowest, fastest action Ive ever seen in a guitar just pulled out of a box. Thanks for all your help look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Shawn W
July 2010

Giffin Limba T

The guitar is wonderful and I love it.

It's beautiful, kind of retro and Gibsonesque. The setup is perfect and those Amalfitano P-90's through my Brunetti sound spectacular.

Once again, thanks so much for all your hard work and great customer service. I will continue to peruse your website and certainly keep you on the top of my list whenever I decide to make another guitar purchase.
Steve S.
June 2012

Trussart Steel DeVille

David - Thank you so much for the Trussart DeVille, I really appreciate all the time and care you took to ensure that it arrived safely and promptly. It's so beautiful to behold and sounds every bit as good as it looks. Thanks again.
Tim H