Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Best Guitar Accessories You Need to Play Like a Pro

Guitars have been the permanent lovers of teenagers ever since the birth of rock & roll. The beauty of this instrument is the versatility and the fact that it can be learned very easily. There are countless rock starts that started their careers by playing in the school yard or during a summer camp. There are whole industries that developed thanks to this instrument and the technological advancement behind the guitar is amazing.

There are many players that try to get inspiration for their next guitar-related purchase from the accessories of the superstars but this is not always the right strategy. We have listed some of the best guitar accessories that will help you play like a pro in order to make a good choice for your next investment.

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are some of the most obvious purchases when it comes to guitars. They are extremely important for the overall quality of the sound. It is also very important how you tune the guitar and how you play. There are countless beginner players that buy strings that are promoted by the superstars and don’t know how to use them. The professional players reached their favorite strings in years of practice and by trying multiple ones that were a total flop. The best ones on the market for the acoustic guitar are Elixir and D’Arrio. The first ones are suitable for a mellow sound and the second ones for a more pitched one. For the electric guitar the best choices are Ernie Ball or Dr. String. They are very high-quality and will resist many concerts.


The guitar tuners are essential for every player. You will not always have time to take your guitar to a service and you will often need to do it yourself. Tuning a guitar is very simple if you have the right equipment. The best choices on the market are Korg GA1 Guitar and Bass tuner and Snark SN-5 tuner. The second option is a clip-on tuner that will make the whole process much faster and comfortable. The price point is also very affordable.

Guitar Picks & More

Guitar picks are another classic thing to buy for your guitar. Beginner s usually focus on the design of the pick and not on the versatility. Most professional players like to have flexible and versatile pick to be able to play different notes and styles. The best picks for any skill level are Dunlop Standard Tortex picks. They are very versatile and can be used from the first guitar lesson to the concert.

Guitar humidifiers are the secret to keep your acoustic guitar in maximum shape. Dry wood leads to very dull and unpleasant notes and therefore these humidifiers were invented. The best options are the Kyser or D’Arrio. Guitar straps are a very fashionable accessory that will give your show extra personality. There are countless designs, but the most comfortable and durable ones are the Ernie Ball straps.