Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Best Guitars for Children

For children just starting out, the guitar is a popular and really versatile musical instrument. Choosing the best guitars for children often involves some knowledge and a level of compromise. While getting a guitar your child will love, you don’t want to empty your purse on a guitar.

You also need to decide on the functionality, sounds as well as the appearance. Another important factor to consider is the learning curve. The level of difficulty shouldn’t end up discouraging your child from learning how to play. Continue reading to get some tips on getting the best guitars for children.

Best Guitars for Children

The Best Type of Guitar for Kids

There are basically two types of guitars to choose from, that is the electronic guitar and the acoustic guitar. They each have their merits as a beginning instrument. So, it boils down to what type of guitar your kids prefer. The best type of guitar for children is just the one that is capable of making the sounds that your kids love.

Some people feel electronic guitars are easier to learn than acoustic guitars because they come with smaller distances between the strings and fingerprints which allows kids easily apply the amount of pressure to play each note clearly.

For children that love playing rock, metal, or pop music, electric guitars might be a favourite. But for kids that love folk music, soft music, and some others might prefer acoustic guitars. But electric guitars can be costlier than their acoustic counterpart particularly because of the cost of acquiring amplifiers. They are also usually very loud which you might not really enjoy as a parent.

Acoustic guitars for beginners are usually cheaper than their electric counterpart because there is no need for amplifiers. Ensure you get the ones that are capable of producing great sounds, tunes well, and has an easy learning process because it can help keep your kid’s interest in playing. And if your child loses interest in playing, it won’t hurt your pocket so much.

Bear in mind that the higher action of acoustic guitars requires children to apply more pressure in order to produce the desired tone. In addition, fingers used in fretting can develop blisters and the need for more pressure can cause cramping.

But an acoustic guitar can be the best for your child because of the resulting firmer hands, calloused fingertips, and increased proficiency. Picking a guitar with nylon-strings can be great for children as it may be more comfortable for learning. But be prepared to get a steel-string one when the kid is ready to switch.

The Best Size of Guitar for Children

After deciding on the type of guitar, the size is the next important factor to consider. The best guitars for children are guitar sizes for their age. Below is a rule of thumb on guitar sizes and age that can help you get the best guitar for your kid.

Children Ages 4 –6

Acoustic guitar 30 inches ¼

Children Ages 6–9

Acoustic guitar 34 inches ½
Classical guitar 34 inches ½
Mini electric guitar

Children Ages 9–12

Acoustic guitar 36 inches ¾
Classical guitar 36 inches ¾
Full-size electric guitar

Children Ages 12– Adult

Acoustic concert size guitar
Acoustic dreadnought guitar
Classical concert size
Full-size electric guitar

The Best Size of Guitar for Children