Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Different Types of Guitars

Guitars have fascinated the music world thanks to their unique sound and versatility. From the Medieval times to the modern world, they have taken a centre place in the music industry. The early 20th century music waves like the blues and rock & roll transformed this instrument in one of the most common to find around the globe. From amateur camping players to professional musicians, everybody loves the feeling of strings at their fingertips. But finding the suitable guitar can be quite challenging, especially for the beginners. Each type of guitar has its own characteristics and it is suitable for a certain music type.

The nylon string acoustic guitar

The nylon string acoustic guitar is what most people call a classic guitar. The design featured a wide fret board suitable especially for the beginners. The nylon strings are suitable both for beginners and professionals, but they are the best to start with. The sound is a classical one, featuring dull and harsh sounds. This type of guitar is easy to transport, and it is suitable for amateurs. Professional musicians also used them for blues and country music.

The steel string acoustic guitars are a lot more versatile. The steel strings give a louder and brighter sound, being suitable for music style like folk, rock and jazz. They are also a good choice for beginners, but the steel strings are much harsher to your fingertips. A lot of beginner guitarists complain of finger calluses and pain, but these will go away when your skills are better.

The electric guitars are perhaps the most fun to play. But they are also the louder. In order to achieve the best sound, you will need amplification. The narrow fret requires a higher skill level, but the hand action is lower for this type of guitar thanks to the special strings. But the finger skill has to be quite good in order to achieve the best sound. The cost can be quite high given the fact that you will need additional equipment for this guitar.

The flamenco guitar

The flamenco guitar is a close relative of the acoustic guitar. It has a lighter construction, a cypress body and a spruce top. The body of the guitar also has special tapping pads that are used to make a drum-like sound. These pads are used to protect the structure of the guitar from the damage made from the tapping. They are also decorated and can come with several accessories.

The twelve-string guitar is a variation of the normal guitar. It has the normal six strings and another set of six thinner strings. They have a more jangly sound, but they are also harder to use. The string pairs have the same note, but the musician can switch between the strings in order to achieve the desired sound. Jimi Hendrix was known as a great fan of twelve string guitars. Many professionals and recording studios prefer this king of guitar thanks to the fuller sound. They are also more expensive than the regular one and the tuning is quite challenging.