Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Famous Guitars and the People who Played Them

The greatest guitarists in the world undoubtedly love their favorite guitars, some even more than their wives as Stevie Ray Vaughn once commented. Here are some of the most famous guitarists in the world and the iconic guitars that the played. 

Eric Clapton – Blackie

Eric Slow Hand Claption has to be one of the greatest of all modern day guitarists. His genius is in his technique, he can make and often does playing the guitar seem effortless, hence his nickname. His most famous guitar is called Blackie, and is a customized 1950’s Stratocaster.

Blackie is actually made from three different guitars that Clapton had hunted down while he was in Nashville. Blackie was put into retirement sometime in the mid-eighties, when it fetched just under one million dollars in an auction for Crossroads which is a drug rehab center that the guitarist once attended.

Neil Young – Old Black

The wild man of the super-group Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, was famous for his rather crazy guitar playing. And Neil Young did most of it on Old Black. The guitar was a vintage Les Paul Goldtop made by Gibson. Young’s epic guitar tracks were almost entirely recorded when he was playing his favorite guitar, and although Old Black has undergone many transformations Young still uses it occasionally in the studio.   

Willie Nelson – Trigger

One of the greatest country music singers ever has to be Willie Nelson. His songs were mostly accompanied with great guitar playing, on his iconic guitar Trigger. Nelson was once quoted as saying, when trigger goes, I’ll quit!

Trigger is actually a Martin N-20 acoustic guitar that has been fitted with nylon strings. Of course Nelson named his guitar rather tongue-in-cheek after the famous horse of Roy Rodgers. The guitar is actually a classical instrument and is rather unique as it has no pick-guard.

Prince – Cloud

One of the greatest performers of all time has to be Prince, his energetic and lengthy stage performances are legendary. Not only was Prince a superb performer and singer he was a highly talented composer and quite an amazing guitarist.

Prince wrote and played everything from soul, rock, and R&B, and when he wanted to rock the house he normally opted for Cloud. Cloud was voluptuously curvy and was specially built for the diminutive artist under his instruction. It most famously appeared in the Purple Rain video where it was the focal point in the film.

B.B. King – Lucille

B.B. King was a legendary blues player, and like all great blues players his guitar was pivotal to his music. Lucille has rather a unique story as King rescued it from a dance hall in Arkansas that was burning down. Later he found out that the blaze was actually started by two men who were fighting over a woman, who happened to be called Lucille!

King had many guitars and he had names for all of them, but none as famous as Lucille, the bluesman actually started to produce a line of guitars late in his life called Lucille for the public market.

All these guitars have helped their owners to make some of the most memorable music in the world, no wonder they were loved so much.