Friday, 15 Oct 2021

How to Keep Guitar in Top Condition

Guitars are some of the most popular music instruments in the world thanks to their versatility and pleasant sound. They can be found in all sorts of music styles that range from rock to classical music. They are so popular thanks to the fact that they are quite easy to learn how to play. We have all had the dream of becoming a guitarist in a rock band when we were young and some of us remained in love with our teenage guitars. But maintaining a guitar in a good condition is often neglected and this leads to some very bad sounds. We have listed some of the best tips to keep your guitar in maximum condition in order to help you enjoy your favorite musical instrument for a very long time.

Treat it Well

Treat your guitar like a person. It may sound crazy, but this refers to the environment in which you keep the guitar. Garages and barns are not a very suitable place, especially if you store it for a long time. The acoustic guitars are extra sensitive to humidity and temperature change and these can damage the body of the guitar to the point that they cannot be used anymore. Don’t leave your guitar in the sun. This will lead to the protective layer to come off and to leave the wood exposed. It will also cause the strings to dilate because of the heat. Keep your guitar in the same environment in which you would leave, and it should be fine.

Tune it

Don’t leave your guitar get out of tune. This may cause to the strings to spiral and it will require you to change them. It can also cause the neck of the guitar to change form because of the unbalance in tightness. Try to play your guitar as much as possible to observe the slightest changes in sound and correct them. This is also a good thing to do to maintain your favorite hobby from the youth.

Clean it

Clean your guitar regularly. Any dust or dirt can damage the small parts to the point that you must change everything or throw the guitar away. Electric guitars are super sensitive to dust and it is advised to take them every 6 months to a service to get them professionally cleaned. Acoustic guitars can also be cleaned at home, but you have to be very careful with the substances you use. Consider the guitar a person again. You can choose to buy professional guitar soap, or you can choose a very mild one you find at home. It is also advised to wash your hands before playing the guitar to preserve the strings. After cleaning the guitar, you can apply lemon oil on the body of the acoustic guitar. This will help the wood stay hydrated and it will also be more comfortable to play. When you want to transport your guitar always use a case.