Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Most Unique Guitars

Guitars are one of the most popular music instruments on the globe. Their popularity comes from their versatility and the fact that they are quite easy to use. The main music waves had the guitar as a leading instrument and this lead to guitar frenzy. They are the most bought music instruments on the globe and this current gave birth to a cult of famous guitars. Whether they were used by famous musicians or have unique features, these guitars are definitely one of a kind and unique in their own special way.

Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang

Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang is one of the most popular guitars and the model was copied by many music companies. The guitarist of Nirvana had the habit of smashing guitars regularly and his favourite ones were Jaguar and Mustang by Fender. Instead of choosing only one of them he designed a model that incorporated both of them. He used Polaroid pictures to combine both models and it resulted one of the most famous guitars. Kurt Cobain loved his guitar very much and used it in most of his concerts.

James Hetfield had a legendary ESP Explorer that sparked gossip and curiosity in the rock community. The Metallica guitarist wrote “EET FUK” on his guitar. We still don’t have an explanation of this letters and the debate sparked by these words continues. The Explorer model was retired after being smashed on the stage a few times. It was recently brought back to life when Metallica recorded a new song.

Rick Nielson’s Five Neck Hammer is probably the most exotic guitar ever. It features five different necks that have string attached, so they are fully functional. The guitar is very bright coloured and the outer design sometimes changes from concert to concert. Rick Nielson definitely knows how to make a show with this amazing guitar.

Willie Nelson’s “Trigger” is a true veteran. The acoustic Martin N-20 was bought in 1969 and stayed by his owner ever since. Time and damage took a toll on this amazing guitar. It has a hole in the central part because of repeated tapping and the outer margins have long lost any trace of colour. Willie Nelson stated that he has no intention to change his guitar and added that when his beloved N-20 quits he will also retire from music.

Willie Nelson’s “Trigger” (AP Photo: Brian Kersey,)

Gene Simmons’ “Axe” guitar certainly has a look suitable for the band Kiss. This axe shaped guitar is one of the most legendary ones. Its unique design comes to complete the make-up and the costumes worn by the owner. Gene Simmons tried different “demonic” looking guitars but eventually fell in love with this axe-shaped one, making history in the rock world.

Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass is the best-known instrument of the Beatles. Paul McCartney was very pleased with the symmetric shape of this instrument that helped him perform better. McCartney is left-handed and stated that bass instrument was quite hard to find for left-handed during those times. The beautiful, classical design also pleased McCartney.