Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Must Have Guitar Accessories and Extras

Every musician has their style and their own way of playing their instrument, of course there are the basics, but as with any art form each person then puts their own spin on it. Playing the guitar is much like this. Everyone learns the basic cords and how to play and then they add their own twist. And everyone adds their own accessories to make their music more comfortable and more unique. While you can easily pick up an acoustic guitar and start playing without any accessories and make a beautiful song you can also add in a few of these options and make something even better. You could easily spend thousands of dollars adding more and more to your guitar and your list of must have guitar accessories, some of which no doubt are necessary and some of which you could of most likely forgone. That being said, there are still many items that are almost necessary when it comes to owning and playing a guitar.

Firstly, you need strings. Every guitar needs strings in order to be played. What you may not realise is how many different types of strings there are and their various different purposes. If you are playing an acoustic guitar, you have a few options to choose from, the best on the market however is 80/20 bronze strings. They have a great sound and will last much longer than typical strings. If you are a beginner or purchasing items for a young player you might want to start with plastic strings, these are much easier on the fingers. While the sound is different, it allows beginners to get used to the feel and build up callouses before switching to the traditional metal strings. Electric guitar strings are somewhat simpler. There are fewer options to choose from, there are fun multicoloured ones that are great for the young new artist or anyone who wants to add a little more colour to their playing.

Guitar string

Another must have item is a tuner, now that you have your new strings on your guitar you want to ensure that they are in tune before playing. An electric tuner is the way to go, they are easy to use and accurate. The Korg GA1 tuner is a fantastic option, it is precise and has multiple options for the more advanced player while still be easy enough to use for the beginner. A tool that you will use over and over and will last you a long time.

A few more necessary guitar accessories are a guitar stand and a guitar strap. While these may not seem like the most exciting of item to purchase they will come in handy in almost any circumstance. A strap is absolutely necessary when playing for any length of time or when standing up. Nowadays guitar straps come in all kinds of colours and materials, so you will no doubt find one that suits your style. A stand will come in handy when storing your guitar, you won’t always want to put it back in its case, especially if you will be playing it again soon. A cheap and easy to find guitar accessory be sure you purchase one when you get your first guitar.