Friday, 15 Oct 2021

The Best Guitars for Beginners

Playing the guitar is something that men and women all around the world aspire to be able to do. Playing the guitar is a popular pass time in many countries. It is a talent that will most likely be more useful than you’d think, playing for your friends, your family, or perhaps one day in front of a crowd. Whether you want to play in front of the masses in a concert hall one day or if you are just looking to learn a few cords to play along to your favourite songs playing the guitar is a versatile skill that you will no doubt enjoy for years to come. Where though do you start if you have never played the guitar before, there are so many options and theories out there. It can often be hard to know what guitar is best for beginners. Do you want acoustic or electric? What genre of music do you think you will be playing most? Do you want plastic strings or metal, are you left handed or right? There are so many options it truly can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you invest in the right chose for you and your ideals for this investment. The best place to start is at your local guitar or music shop, there is no doubt one in your area. Here you will find the experts in all things music and guitar related. They will be able to help you find what is best for you, they will most likely as your various questions to determine what your musical goals are and go from there. Having there to guide you through the process is so valuable. Before you go into your local shop do a little research to get a better idea of what you may like or want so that you can help lead them in the right direction. Here are a few of the best guitars for beginners to help get you started on determining which would be best for you.

The Yamaha FG720S Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is not only beautiful but of course functional. It is made of a Sitka spruce top and a mahogany body. With its high-quality materials, it will last through your career as a guitar player, as well as provide a beautiful balanced tone. Great value for money indeed.

Yamaha FG720S
Yamaha FG720S

The Squier Standard Telecaster

This guitar is a top seller across the internet, and for good reason. It will give you a very traditional rock or country sound, has a classic design and is simple to control and easy to play. It’s one of those guitars that both professionals and beginners enjoy. As it is so popular you can easily find it online or at your local guitar shop and it will have you playing like a pro in no time. Don’t forget when starting on an electric guitar that you will need to invest in accessories as well.Acoustic or electric, rock and roll or classical, whatever your preferences are there is a guitar that is just waiting to be played by you! Find yours today.