Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Top Guitar Repair Shops

Guitars have long been the favorite music instrument of the world. This is thanks to their versatility and pleasant sound. We have all dreamed at some point to become superstar players and this is perhaps the main reason why we bought a guitar in the first place.

The guitar phenomenon started shortly after the birth of rock & roll. There are countless guitar shops all over the world and this is thanks to the growing popularity of this instrument. The beauty is the it can be played in any music genre and it is also quite easy to learn. But the problem comes when something had to be repaired.

The guitar is a very simple yet very complex music instrument. The basic tuning and string replacement can also be done at home but for more complicated procedures it is advised to go to a professional shop. We have listed some of the best guitar repair shops in the world to help you find a hospital for your favorite music instrument.

California Shops

Truetone Music

Truetone Music is in Santa Monica, California. It is one of the most renowned guitar repair shops in the world. The whole interior is decorated with rare guitars and vintage amps that would make any guitar enthusiast salivate. The shop has a very long history and many celebrity guitarists bring their babies here to be repaired. They are very proud of their repair skills and by taking your guitar here you can sleep peacefully knowing that it is on safe hands.

Asken Guitars in located in Beverlywood, California. It is one of the most famous repair shops for acoustic guitars. They are renowned for repairing guitars that came into pieces and left the shop shining. This is part of their motto, that no job is too hard for them and that every acoustic can be repaired here.

Guitar Safari is in San Pedro, California. The owner is also the main repairman and he has been in this business for more than 20 years. Some people may consider him quite old school, but he likes working into fine details. He is known for his amazing restoration skills.

Other Locations

R Guitars

Kenny King is an independent guitar master from Dallas. The title master suits him. He has his own repair shop in which you can see him repairing the guitars of celebrity rock stars. If you need a very good place to get you guitar, Kenny will help you out.

R Guitars is a very good repair shop located in Calgary. They are very proud of their repairs skills and consider that no case is too desperate. They will repair any guitar, no matter how destroyed it is.

Geoff Benge is a great shop in Chicago that like to repair all sorts of traumas. They like challenges and no work is too hard for them. They are very proud of their skills and all their clients leave the shop happy and with a shining guitar in their hand.