Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Where to Buy a Guitar

Are you looking for a new guitar? Looking to get a gift for someone special, a birthday surprise, a Christmas morning special. Or perhaps you want to pick up a new hobby and you’ve decided the guitar is it. Whatever your reasoning is, buying a guitar is always a good idea. Next comes the question of where to buy the guitar. There are endless options online and in store. A simple internet search will leave you with thousands of sites offering the greatest guitars at the best prices. So how do you know which of these places to trust and where to buy. Well firstly it is always better to buy in person. If possible, stop by your local music shop and ask them their advice on the best guitar it is great to have an in person talk about what you are looking for. Their prices may be more than that of an online store, but you have the chance to talk to someone as well as try out several options before deciding on which guitar to purchase. If this is not a possibility for you or you prefer to do all your shopping online fret not. There are plenty of great online options for buying a new guitar, here are a few of the best ones.


Guitar Center

The Guitar Center is everywhere, they have stores all over the country. Because of their size they have a huge selection as well as great prices and they are frequently having sales as well. You can get everything in one place, from the guitar itself to every accessory you could ever think if, want or need. They very often offer free shipping, or you can pick up in store if you prefer and you can return in store if you do not like your purchase. They truly are a great one stop shop for all things guitar.

Musician’s Friend

This site has a fantastic reputation. They have great prices, usually the lowest you can find, they offer free shipping and they have no sales tax in most states as well. They are a trusted name in the guitar world and it’s no surprise, they have great customer support and you simply cannot beat the prices. If you want top quality guitars, great customer service and all at the best prices then Musicians Friend is the place for you.


Of course, there is always Amazon, they literally sell everything. They are reliable, fast and more often than not affordable as well. If you already know what you are looking for and you are willing to take a few moments to search the site for the best deal, then it is often better than other music sites. The best part is their speed, the shipping is always quick, and as they are such a large corporation they have a reputation to uphold they are reliable and should there be any issues they are quick to resolve them.There are endless options when it comes to buying your next guitar, whatever you choose, be sure you do your research!